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Nikola Balac: 

Leslie! I love the photos SO much and so do my managers and agents! Thank you so much for a super fun day and the classiest pictures I have ever seen. These will skyrocket my career.

Nikola xoxo

Mariana Dantec:

Leslie! I love my pictures so much! Thank you, thank you. Just in time for my showcase! You're the best!

Kathryn Kuhn:

I would recommend Leslie to ANY and EVERYONE!!!!


HEAD SHOTS!!!! She's one of the few photographers

I have worked with that goes

the extra mile in every department.

She was easy to be around, quick to respond

and made me feel the most comfortable I have

ever felt in front of a camera.

She's really good at finding who you are and really

making that pop on camera.

10/10 in my book!!

Jasmine Matthews:  (Heathers 2018)

Leslie! My team and I couldn't decide on which ones to go with because they are ALL great! Thank you so much for everything from that super-fun day on. I wish you the best!!

Maria Psomas:



I love my headshots ❤️

You're amazing, I'm so happy with them. I got the shots of my dreams! 

Thank you again and again.

I owe you coffee and a huge piece of baklava!

Let's try to get together before I go to Sundance.



Ben Otto:

I found you through a friend's recommendation and it was immediately clear to me why

you are the best in the business. Right away, from our first meeting, you showed how different

you were from the many other photographers I'd met. You take pictures that show who I truly

am and what kind of energy I can bring to a role. Anyone with experience knows that a headshot

has to speak volumes and that it's not an easy task to coax that out of an actor.

Your personality is warm and erases the challenge of being yourself because you are truly

yourself. I've never felt so comfortable on a shoot as with you! I also loved your

clothing choices. 

I always love working with you!

Ben xo

Marja Harmon: (Book of Mormon)

My agents and I all LOVE the new headshots!!! Thanks for such a fun, easy day and incredible, honest, real photos!!!

Evan Ulven:

Leslie Hassler is the best photographer and human being I have ever met. She makes you feel

comfortable and at ease with every meeting and every time you're with her. She's professional,

fun, and has a great way to show off someone's personality through every photo she takes. I

would highly recommend her to everyone and anyone. Check her out at her website and

Instagram as well. She is seriously the best!!

 Rachel Brosnahan:
 (House of Cards, The Marvelous Mrs.                   Maisel)
 Leslie! I had such a fun shoot with you               and I absolutely love my pictures!
headshots, leslie hassler, portraits, african american actress

Paige Howard:  Leslie! Thank you SO much

for the amazing shots,

they are ALL fantastic and I had such a great time shooting with you!

Hana Liu:


LESLIE!!!!!!!! Wooo!!! Yesss Leslie Leslie Leslie!!!!!! Been receiving an abundant more

auditions that I can't even make sometimes and have to send them tapes.

Your work is heaven sent, keep on being an angel and creating wings for others' dreams :] 

Sending you Love!!!!! Thank you for the headshots again, They're amazing 😄😀✨🎬❤🔥 

Have a Stunning Day!!!!

Flora Wildes:

"Leslie is the best and that's why I've gone to her twice. She makes all the difference.

From styling and putting together your wardrobe to making you look cool and "almost famous," working with her is the difference between having average shots and fantastic shots!

Mili Avital:


My 1st shoot with you, now I've done 2. Best headshots I've ever had! I landed a huge role after using these!

Carly Blake Sebouhian:  

                                                                                      (Lion King on Broadway)

Thank you so much for the pics! They look amazing and my agent is super happy! Thanks again! I'm going to send everyone who needsnew pics to you! 

) Carly

Artemesia Ashton:

Hi Leslie, Mesa showed me the pictures. They are absolutely great. Not only were you so

professional but you were so sweet and nice to all of us. Mesa really enjoyed the experience. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mateo D'Amato:

"Leslie, you are the High Priestess of Headshots!!!!
My 2 actor friends that recommended you were absolutely right!
You brought out such an easy atmosphere where I could relax, be myself and have fun.
So much energy and light pours out of these photos that they are not even comparable to my old ones. Casting Directors love them, saying they really capture who I am… and they do… as an actor and a person… and for that I’m incredibly grateful.

Thank you Leslie!" 

James Madio:


Leslie is by far the best I’ve ever worked with throughout my career, Leslie made the day fun, very comfy & natural.

No false moments. Truly had an amazing shoot. My reps and industry professionals all LOVED THEM! 


Padma Lakshmi:

I love your studio and the whole vibe you exude. So fun working with you and the pictures are great, thank you!

Samantha Steinmetz


Leslie, I am just now seeing these and am

completely blown away. 

John was in tears when I showed him- partly

because of laughter and partly because he had

never seen someone capture my "thing" so

flawlessly. I am speechless at the moment but will

hopefully collect myself (eventually) in order to express

how much your work means to me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, 



Cornelia Groeger


Leslie! I got the photos! OMG...Im overwelmed!!

I am going to have my husband and two friends

help me pick favorites. 
Btw my husband said he has never seen such

fantastic and natural shots of me and has fallen

in love with me all over again! 😂🙏🏼😘
Leslie!!!! You are unbelievably amazing and awesome!!!
You have captured me how I am! I LOVE how you have captured me!!!

Unbelievable!!! 🌟❤️🙏🏼😘



Daniel Breaker: (Hamilton on Broadway)

"I absolutely love these shots! 

They are AMAZING!!!! Thank you Leslie

Kelsey Olsen:

"Hey Leslie! The shots look amazing!

You created such a fun, comfortable,

awesome experience.

I am absolutely delighted with my shots!"

Peter Durwood:

WOW! Great job Leslie! I hope you are as

pleased as I am -- I think the Hassler Process

(if you will) yielded a really wide range of

hits and vibes --

A real pleasure working with you!

Best, Peter

Kristin Sudeikis:

First off, thank you for such an awesome shoot day! It was a complete pleasure working with you.

The positive energy and laid back vibe made it such a cool environment to be working in.

Thank you again for your beautiful work, I'm so happy that I met you!

Only peace,

Kristin Sudeikis :)

Lauren Delolio:

Can ya do me a favor? Try to take a bad picture? just time... I'm interested to see if you can.

They're ALL wonderful and everyone loves them

One agent looked at them and said, "they all work, just pick one." :)


Chuck Schwager: 

You may officially call yourself a genius. There are some wonderfully real shots that capture who I am -

just what I was looking for. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name/phone.


Susan at Anne Wright Agency:

I LOVE Duncan's headshots, they are incredible! When I found out who shot them, I VOWED to send all of my clients to you! Great work!!

Antonio Magro:

"Hey Leslie,

I adore my pictures! 

And Bill and Michelle have gone kinda nuts too. 

Thank you so so so much! 



Heather Johnson:

"Hey!!! I had the most fun shooting with you and these are the best photos I've ever had! You made the shoot experience comfortable, fun and personable; AND you really captured my uniqueness and personality. I will highly recommend you to everyone!"

Maria DeSimone:

"I had the best experience shooting with you and your team!!!  You are so cool and so creative. All my agents love my head shots, THANK YOU!!!!!"

Dawn Evans:

"Leslie  you are amazing. Both you and your make-up artist Juliet are so much fun to work with. You played with me, and worked with me to make sure I was super comfortable throughout the shoot. I loved every second of the day, and I am so happy with my new headshots!
The photos really capture my personality and I have gotten more auditions as a result. Thank you!"

Alex Kramer:

Hey hey-

I'm going through the images again I just wanted to say how much I love the pictures you took. They're EXACTLY what I was hoping to get out of this shoot. You were immediately able to get a read on the look I was aiming for and that couldn't be clearer in the work. I'm so thankful I was pointed in your direction when I most needed it! It's great when life works out that way. And the experience of the shoot was as fun and easy as could be. I'm certain I'll be back for more down the road. Thank you for all of it, Leslie!

Misty Bell Stiers:

"Thank you so much!

I now look like a real author. I'm so proud to have these photos as I start my new career/adventure! I never imagined I'd be in this place, or that anyone could make me look so good on my way there! Also, thank you, truly. xoxo



Anna Moon:

"OMG, Leslie!!! I LOVE all of them and the outdoor shots especially!. The colors came out beautifully! Thank you for a great shoot!"

Nick Ferraro:

"Thanks for today!! You were awesome!! 

And my shots look amazing!" 😀

Victoria Williams:

Thanks again for everything. I had a wonderful time shooting with you and I love how the photos

turned out!


Duncan Menaker:

"Hey Leslie, just got the pics. The photos look f'ing awesome. Thanks again!" 👍👍👍

Daniela Jones:


I think #16 is the winner!! :) It looks so professional!

And it doesn't have that "Pick Me, Pick Me" vibe at all! It's beautiful.

You think? So excited!!

You did an amazing job! Thanks again, Leslie :-)




Georgia Middleman:

"Got the photos and they’re FANTASTIC!!!
Thank you!!!"

Brenda Soto:

Leslie, I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful headshots!

It was the first step in my professional career and I'll never forget it.

Enclosed is a gift I made for you as a token of my appreciation. All the best! 

Jamal Crowelle:  The Color Purple


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You made today so freeing and I’m so very grateful to you! Seriously the most relaxed session I’ve ever had! Can’t wait to do more!

See you soon! ☺️☺️☺️


Ben Curtis: 

Wow! Awesome Leslie! These have already gotten me in the room and then I booked Mrs. Maisel and Orange is the New Black. Love them! Thank you 🙏


Madeleine Stark:


A little note of appreciation and admiration just for you in the aftermath of our shoot. 


The photos are lovely and I very much enjoyed our time together. I learned A LOT and will carry those lessons and memories with me even longer than the photos, I’m sure, though the pictures themselves are as elegant and simply timeless as you are. 


Thank you so very much. 

Hoping to see you again soon. 


All my best to you and Juliet 

Maddy xoxo


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