My Branding and Consulting shoots are longer and more geared towards re-branding your entire presentation. I help you re-design your existing website and wardrobe, and we figure out together how to best market you.


When I meet with you before your shoot, we sit and talk for awhile during our consultation. We will talk about where you're from, when you moved to New York and all kinds of things. It's my way of getting a sense of the right vibes that I will bring out during your shoot.

You will bring in an info sheet which is downloadable from my site.

I also ask you to email me a vision board, of photos that you respond to. I want to know as much as possible about you before we shoot so the shots are the real you, not just you posing but something deeper and layered.

We start with what you've written and then start planning the clothes. The clothes are very important as I encourage you to bring your own style so that you're shots will be even more unique.


Casting directors and agents want to see who you are. They will respond viscerally to a shot that is real and genuine. I want you to look like you're already successful and almost famous in your photos!


Here are 2 good examples of what you might write: "Frances McDormand because she means what she says and is simply UNDENIABLE in everything she does. I want to be undeniable like her." 


Or: "Someone who inspires me is Mahershala Ali because of the level of detail he brings in to his work. He owns his characters with his full body and heart."


I always ask actors to bring something unique to the shoot: an old belt that once belonged to their grandfather, a vintage hat, or even a prop that we can use to get a great portrait for social media and branding.


I have always been into clothes and styling is one of my passions. I comb flea markets and thrift stores and have a lot of clothes here in my studio that you are free to use as well.


Here are a few example of actors I have helped land big jobs:



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