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One-on-One Branding + Coaching for Actors and Entrepreneurs

  • Are you...


  • Needing help getting back out there?

  • Want to land a great agent?  Launch your new business?

  • I'm here to help. I've coached countless actors and entrepreneurs to elevate themselves to their most authentic selves. It works!


  • Course topics include:


  •  Eliminating excuses and self-sabatoge. Jump and the Net will Appear!

  •  Visualizing Success before it happens

  •  Discovering and owning your Brand across all platforms

  •  Finding your Timeless Style that will elevate your success

  • This is a 3-week course, one-on-one via Zoom. 60 minutes each session.

       Homework print-outs after after each session

  • We determine the schedule during our first 15-minute consultation.

My Story

Photography: I’ve been drawn to visual images ever since I was a little girl. I remember winning a camera in an art contest and photographing all of my classmates in school. Then as a teenager, I plastered my walls with photographs!

When I was 18, I was accepted at the Ford modeling agency and worked in front of the camera for some amazing photographers. While living in Paris I immersed myself in French culture and developed my artistic eye as I strolled the city streets. When I made my way back to New York I enrolled in NYU film school and settled in the West Village. I’ve always been drawn to the world of film. I love being around actors, directors, writers and movie sets. With my background in film, I see things through the lens of a movie camera and I’ve been told my images reflect that.

Styling: Styling my shoots is really important to me and I often pull out pieces from my vintage clothing collection to give the photos a unique feel. I approach the wardrobe in a very different way - which you will discover.

Branding: Branding is something I've done for years, helping my clients to see themselves as authentic and radiant. 100% of my clients have told me they've booked huge jobs, seen a big jump in income, landed a great agent, gotten a book deal or whatever your dream may be!

The atmosphere on a shoot with me is relaxed and comfortable. I photograph people:  Entrepreneurs, writers, actors, musicians, artists, chefs, scientists and thought leaders in business. 

Coaching: Leslie's mission is simple: Elevate people to their truest selves through rapport, styling and fun-filled photography. During our 2nd session we work on self-tapes and video presentations. I help you find the right scene that fits you and teach you how to perfect it!

Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Interview, The NY Times, Elle, New York Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, Oprah and on the cover of GQ.
Her 2 studios are an airy loft in Chelsea and a beautiful barn in Rhinebeck. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable.

Meet Leslie

My Clients

  • HBO

  • Viacom

  • Netflix

  • Douglas Elliman

  • iStar Financial

  • New York Jets

  • CBS

  • Vanity Fair

  • Rolling Stone

  • Root + Resin

  • Wolfpacks Organics

  • Culinary Institute of America

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